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Full Version: Peace Moon: «My mother offered me a woman at auction»
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Peace Moon: «My mother offered me a woman at auction»

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Peace Moon: «My mother offered me a woman at auction»

Hunger is a disbeliever with no religion, despair is gnawing at people's hearts, they have to curse their bitter reality, there are in the "cans of extreme poverty." They dwell on stories of people who will not be tolerated by human mind. There is no patience for hungry people, no dignity. They are exposed to their dignity in the morning, in front of them all the taboos, and in order to "break the bread" offering the sale of modesty faces and sometimes their bodies in public auction, and this is what happened in one of the most random areas in Cairo .. Details in the next lines.
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Horrible life
At the end of the alleys carved in the Duweika mountains, Sundus sprouted and her eyes grew on the scenes of misery and life. Every day she saw the miserable faces of poverty, and saw how another night was packed with six brothers in a room that was only covered by a stiffened ceiling. For a piece of candy she does not often have, Sondos lived for the moment of the father's two children and the mother left her alone with her children, and how the sight of her older brother being taken to prison after multiple crimes does not leave her imagination.
The girl was alluding to her daughters when they were on their way to school, and she remembered why the mother had kept them from catching up with them. She was the poverty where she could not afford to spend. She grew up and turned her body and completed her facial features to reveal a beautiful girl of beauty. She will bring her misery forever.
From the apartment to the apartment in the ground floor of the city of peace, moved the mother of Sundus, which completed the seventeenth year, and drew beauty to the eyes of new neighbors, and in the new housing did not differ very much life, the apartment is similar to cattle in terms of air suffocation and extreme heat and walls that smell of sewage that drowns At the entrance to her apartment, the girl recalled how close her mother had convinced her to move from that miserable life to the peace zone, where she could do whatever she wanted to bring money in the easiest way.
"You are my hat-on-e-hat-hatchtagli-maea and flute-hatgere in your idik rice uniform and raise your children for the best education." That sentence, which convinced her to close and join her in another world no less miserable than her childhood world.
Young men, women, men and women waiting in line waiting for their turn to practice haraam in the rooms occupied by customers after the night, so the scene that Sundos used to watch with fear every evening until dawn, while everyone then sleeps during the day to rest , Before they woke up to prepare for a new night, the girl, who was a year old and was a young woman waiting for the cut, noticed that the money had been carried out in the hands of her mother as her relative had predicted, which enabled her to buy a condominium in the area where Sundus and her sisters used to see their mother's actions The infamous, but old poverty bites did Make them reject reality.
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call up
On a cloudy day, Sondos's mother came along with her relative and one of the fun girls, carrying a variety of foods. The girl noticed the looks of their close relatives, and then approached her and talked to her like "I grew up and stayed in my uniform. The victim did not understand that the above was a prelude to be put up for sale in an auction for those able to wish for pleasure, and immediately entered her mother and her relative and the third girl in the subject Enth Hatchtgli and the private and private and Hailemsk who can pay and paid Hatchtagli as long as possible twice the week".
Everyone noticed the astonishment on the face of the girl who was quick to refuse, and here the features of her mother were stark in her face. "Amal, do you want to work, doctor? Do you have a question about us ?, It is a job that will keep you occupied and living in an apartment, after your father what a child ».
It is like a brainwashing operation that Sondus was subjected to by the three who had to accept and bow to their wishes, especially after she was convinced that her fate was linked to the fate of her mother. And enjoy life and money, travel and travel in resorts and resorts, here decided to take revenge from its inception and the world of the lower, in its way.
Night of slaughter
"Your mother worked for you an auction in the area, and he pays more Heidelberg for the first time and (h.h) the butcher won and he paid in the two hours 5 thousand pounds», that sentence thrown by their relative to her ears made Sondos body trembling for the first time, "I will not let you go," she said.
The girl was evacuated and the girl was brought to the night for the night. The butcher, who was instructed by the butcher, received the instructions and advice from the mother about the way he dealt with her daughter. The mother took him inside and reassured her that it was easy and it would not take long and she was next to her. The girl herself to the winning customer who treated her gently at first and then slaughter her virginity mercilessly, at that moment turned Sondos to the Primo in the world of her mother, and intended wealthy looking for haram.
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the fall
Sondos, whose name is known as the "Peace Moon", has become known as the famous cafeteria and restaurant. She wore the most expensive clothes, and set conditions and specifications in the men who broke through her. Her spirit died, but her body burned the instincts of the rich. During a fun night in advance with someone in Nasr City, and the girl went on a strange challenge to the men of the detective, without fear or shame, on her way to the prosecution.